Energize Our Neighborhoods | Environment



The undertaken activities will increase residents’ awareness of and appreciation for sustainable measures that can take place in their homes. With minimal effort or cost, these activities can enhance the comfort and livability of homes and the neighborhood.  

Committee Projects

  • Atlantic Idea House
    An older home was remodeled  to incorporate energy efficient and sustainable practices. The  house will used as an education tool to demonstrate  available opportunities for energy efficiency and  sustainable practices in other homes in the community.
    • Tours of the Atlantic Idea House are available for community members and groups - view the schedule for more information. 
  • Neighborhood Recycling
    Educate residents on the recycling opportunities in Boise with the goal of increasing recycling rates in the neighborhood. CurbIt Recycling Program
  • Tree Canopy
    Increase awareness of the value of trees in neighborhoods and provide opportunities to expand the tree canopy on public and private property. Treasure Valley Tree Canopy Report.
    • In 2015, the Neighborwoods Program gave 118+ trees to Vista Neighborhood residents!