Neighborhood Reinvestment Grants (NRG)


What is the Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Program?

The Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant (NRG) program is a partnership between the City of Boise and City registered neighborhood associations.

The program funds comprehensive neighborhood plans and capital construction projects to help enrich the lives of our citizens, enhance the identity and quality of life in our neighborhoods and encourage a strong sense of community. The program also funds mini-grants to support neighborhood communication and community-building.

Recent NRG Projects

  • Barberton Valley History | Barber Valley Neighborhood, 2016
  • Boise Hills Bike Path & LandscapingBoise Heights Neighborhood, 2013
  • Harrison Hollow Valley TrailHighlands Neighborhood, 2012
  • Oral History of the Central BenchCentral Bench Neighborhood, 2013
  • Playground Equipment at Fairview Park | Veterans Park Neighborhood, 2016
  • Shoshone Park Shelter | Vista Neighborhood, 2015
  • Walking Path & Picnic Shelter | Hawthorne Elementary, Vista Neighborhood, 2013

NRG Awards