Energize Our Neighborhoods


The Vista Neighborhood

In 2014, the City of Boise partnered with residents and community leaders on an initiative – Energize Our Neighborhoods – aimed at celebrating neighborhoods and improving livability. With three main goals and eight focus areas at the helm, the partners got to work in the Vista neighborhood. In three short years, we are proud to share that not only is Energize Our Neighborhoods a nationally recognized program, but that together we have surpassed expectations in what we set out to accomplish.

What is Energize Our Neighborhoods?

Energize Our Neighborhoods is a collaboration between Boise’s residents, public and private partners, and the City of Boise to keep our neighborhoods unique and desirable. This project focuses on aligning community resources to improve livability and make measurable change. Learn more.



 "Working with residents to energize and enhance the livability of our neighborhoods."