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Healthy Communities

Studies show that where people live, learn, work and play has a tremendous impact on their health. The availability of health services and opportunities in our neighborhoods is vital to ensuring quality of life for residents. Neighborhoods that provide access to health services, healthy food, a clean and safe environment, quality education and social opportunities build healthier lives of residents. The social environment is also a key contributor to the health of our neighborhoods. Residents that create a sense of trust and connectedness are more likely to work together towards a common goal.

The Healthy Communities committee is focused on expanding access to community services for residents. We are working with non-profits, the faith-based community, residents and businesses to collaborate and align resources.

Strategic Action Plan

Learn more about the goals and projects in the Healthy Communities Committee Strategic Action Plan.

Committee Projects

  • Neighborhood Clean Up Event
    May 2, 2015 - Over 60 tons of garbage was collected by 100+ volunteers!

  • Fourth of July Celebration 
    The Vista Neighborhood Association, in partnership with local churches, hosts a yearly community celebration at Shoshone Park.
  • Whitney Block Party 
    Each year students are welcomed back to school with a BBQ, bicyle rodeo, and resource fair at the Whitney Community Center.

Livability Indicators

  • Community Support
    Resources within the neighborhood to support residents.
  • Neighborhood Connections 
    Celebrations, events, and activities within the area to foster community engagement and connections between residents.