Energize Our Neighborhoods | Housing



A home in a safe neighborhood is an indicator of a livable community. Housing was selected as an indicator for determining the overall health of a neighborhood, as simply put, there in an interconnectedness between housing and health. In the attached article by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, “the physical, social, and service environments of neighborhoods can promote health or put health in jeopardy.” 

  • Home Improvement Loan Program
    Boise's Home Improvement Loan Program assists low/moderate income homeowners make necessary repairs to bring their home up to code and make it a safe, decent and sanitary place to live. Loans are available for energy and accessibility improvements as well as general housing repairs.
  • Affordable Homeownership
    The City of Boise's Housing Loan Program offer persons of low/moderate income an opportunity to construct a new home or purchase an existing home (or a Class “A” manufactured home on its own land) within Boise City Limits.
  • Rental Housing
    The City of Boise offers over 300 rental units to the community. The portfolio includes studios, 1-3 bedroom units and single-family houses with 2-6 bedrooms. The City of Boise's waitlist is currently open and accepting applications. There is no application fee. The waitlist times vary depending on the unit size and availability. Learn more about the program and application process.


Committee Projects

  • Neighborhood Data Canvas
    To help tell the Energize Our Neighborhood story, 30 Boise State students canvassed and photographed the Vista Neighborhood during March, 2015. The students collected information on the traits that make an area most livable, including completed streets, bus stops, sidewalks, greenspace, etc. Learn More 
  • Home Improvement Grants Awarded
    $8,000 in grant funds was awarded to homeowners in the Vista Neighborhood to make energy and accessibility improvements, as well as general housing repairs.


 Livability Indicators

  • Property Information
    Median value of residential property.
  • Residential Improvements
    Percent of homes making energy efficiency, sustainability, accessibility, or life-safety improvements. 
  • Code Enforcement
    Decrease in the number of code violations in the area and increase in the number of households receiving code education.