Energize Our Neighborhoods | Placemaking, Arts & History


Placemaking, Arts & History

  • Placemaking 
    According to the National Endowment for the Arts, "…creative placemaking joins partners from public, private, nonprofit and community sectors to strategically shape the physical and social character of a neighborhood, town, tribe, city or region around arts and cultural activities. Creative placemaking animates public and private spaces, rejuvenates structures and streetscapes, improves local business viability and public safety, and brings diverse people together to celebrate, inspire and be inspired." From: Creative Placemaking, 2010. 
  • Art
    Public Art contributes to Boise's unique sense of place and engages residents in the design of our built environment.
  • History
    Boise's History Programs document, collect, and preserve vital historical information about the city from which interpretive programming, communication tools, publications, heritage tourism opportunities, festivals, and other initiatives emerge.
    • History of the Vista Neighborhood
      A historical narrative of the Vista Neighborhood was completed in 2015. The report provides historic background and will help to increase public awareness of the neighborhood as an important part of the city's history. 

Committee Projects

  • History of the Vista Neighborhood Presentation and Walking Tours
    Barbara Perry Bauer shared a series of presentations on the history of the Vista Neighborhood. All three presentations had a great turnout and offered unique insight into the history of the area.  
  • Pop-Up Art in the Vista Neighborhood
    In partnership with two classes at Boise State University, a temporary art gallery will be moving throughout the Vista Neighborhood beginning in the Fall of 2017. Vista Neighborhood residents can participate by displaying student art in their yards and throughout the neighborhood. Signs are available at no cost to any Vista Neighborhood resident. Select a design and email the Energize Team to request a sign today! 
  • Oral Histories
    Oral history interviews will continue to be collected throughout the Vista Neighborhood Project. Do you know someone with a story to share? Visit the Arts & History website to learn how to add to Boise's history.