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Public Safety

A feeling of safety is a vital indicator of livability. A major component of the Energize Our Neighborhood initiative is to prevent and reduce crime by identifying neighborhood priorities and supporting effective community partnerships. Boise Chief of Police Bill Bones serves on the Energize Our Neighborhoods Leadership Team and has been involved in the Energize Our Neighborhoods project from the very beginning. In a message to the community, Chief Bones wrote:

"Our Officers will, without hesitation, risk their lives for people they have never met. They will rush forward towards danger when every instinct tells others to flee. As life safety is a priority, so is the feeling of safety. Our officers are committed to working with you to solve community issues by employing new ideas, building partnerships with stakeholders, and keeping focused on the best interests of our neighborhoods safety.  

Many of us are proud to have played a part as Boise has become a great city; a welcoming place for people from all walks of life to meet, to work and live and play. Our city has become an example of what a city can do to appreciate families as well as businesses, to re-energize neighborhoods and provide opportunities for employment to entertainment. But only a safe city can be vibrant and successful. Boise PD has also grown, and I’m proud to say, has become a leading example of what law enforcement and their community partners can do together. "


Strategic Action Plan

 Learn more about the goals and projects for 2016-2017 in the Public Safety Committee Strategic Action Plan.

Vista Neighborhood Contact Officer
In support of the Energize Our Neighborhoods program, a Neighborhood Contact Officer was assigned to the Vista Neighborhood. A police sub-station was relocated to 2717 S. Vista Avenue, which is a city-owned property that provides affordable housing. The Neighborhood Contact Officer works with the Vista Neighborhood Association, residents and businesses by listening to and addressing citizen concerns. 

Committee Projects

  • New Fire Station
    The Boise Fire Department opened Fire Station #8 in the Vista Neighborhood.  
  • Mobile Radar Units
    The Boise Police Department will be using mobile radar units throughout the Vista Neighborhood to slow traffic speeds.
  • Public Safety Education
    As part of the Energize Hour Speaker Series, multiple events will be held focusing on personal and residential safety and crime prevention. All events are free and open to the public. 
  • Education: "Home Security and Crime Prevention Thru Design" event hosted on Feb. 3, 2016.

  • Education: Training Opportunity 
    The National Institute of Crime Prevention is offering a course on Basic Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. The course will be offered September 12-16, 2016. To learn more, view the course description or contact Ed Fritz, Boise Police Crime Prevention Supervisor, at 208/570-6071.


Livability Indicators

  • Number of emergency calls
  • Juvenile crime rates
  • Number of uncontrolled intersections