Energize Our Neighborhoods | Transportation



Transportation plays a vital and irreplaceable role in a neighborhood’s livability. In addition to being the connective tissue of the neighborhood, transportation systems are also the largest public asset in terms of overall land area and dollars invested. While the Vista Neighborhood’s current transportation system generally serves automobiles safely and efficiently, it lacks the facilities needed to make pedestrian and bicycle modes of travel a viable and attractive option. Further, while the Vista Neighborhood has comparable (or better) transit service to other neighborhoods, residents have identified areas where the existing service could be improved, particularly duration and frequency of service and enhance bus stops. Finally, Vista Avenue - a bustling commercial corridor and the primary connection between the airport and Downtown Boise – is not inviting to pedestrians or bicycles and creates a formidable barrier between the east and west sides of the neighborhood.


 Committee Projects

  • Committee Project Priorities 
    The Vista Transportation Committee identified potential solutions and/or mitigations to these issues and sought funding to design and implement appropriate treatments.
  • Vista Avenue Bus Stops
    Seven bus stops along Vista Avenue were improved to include shelters, benches, bike racks, and public art to increase comfort and convenience for transit users. 
  • Bicycle Connections and Facility Improvements
    At the request of the City of Boise, the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is in the process of improving bicycle and pedestrian circulation in the Central Bench, including the Vista Neighborhood.
    • Addition of sidewalks and bike lanes in both directions on Kootenai from Vista Ave to Federal Way
    • Bike facility on Columbus from Overland to Kootenai 
    • Improvements to bicycle and pedestrian connections on Capitol Blvd from Rose Hill to the Boise River 
  • Pedestrian Improvements 
    • Installation of missing curb, gutter, and sidewalk on the east side of Owyhee St., from Overland to Malad
    • Installation of missing curb, gutter, and sidewalk on Targee from Columbus to Annett and installation of pedestrian ramps and crosswalks on seven intersections southeast of Hawthorne Elementary. 


Planned Projects

 The Ada County Highway District's Five-Year Workplan (2019-2023) has identified additional improvements in the neighborhood.

  • Installation of missing sidewalk connection on Malad St., between Kerr St. and Vista Ave (planned for 2023)
  • Construct curb, gutter, and sidewalk on the south side of Spaulding St., between Vista Ave. and Columbus St. (planned for 2023)
  • Installation of an enhanced pedestrian corssing on Vista Ave. at Nez Perce, including bike push buttons and relocation of bus stops from Spaulding to Nez Perce. (planned for 2021)


Livability Indicators

  • Sidewalks
    Percentage of sidewalk coverage
  • Bus Routes
    Percent of area within 1/4 mile of a bus stop